Mel Thomson

Founding Director & Coach

My passion is for people to thrive, grow and develop so they can live their best life. I believe that wellbeing and a positive mindset is an essential key to a healthy and vibrant society. Embracing Life was started with the purpose to reach people where they are at, support and encourage and equip them to move forward in their life while helping them discover more about themselves and their unique gifts and talents.

Rachel Fraser

Executive Director & Coach

A big passion in my life is to equip people to be free to live their best life. I’m fascinated with people, especially how the mind works . I love how people can surmount great obstacles and make massive strides in personal growth, and in society through better self-awareness and acceptance. I am a big believer in making investments in yourself both physically and mentally, and how those small investments  can pay off for you and for the people in your life.

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